When zombies come, I want her on my fire team

The target was at about 20 yards when she fired on it. The zombie now has four more eyes-sockets in its skull.

Special Delivery target | Walther P22 | TAC65 can

The ear protection was against the noise made by other people’s guns.

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5 Responses to When zombies come, I want her on my fire team

  1. Darxus says:

    The upper lip is better aligned with the brain stem.

  2. Iam says:

    Yeah baby look at that smile!!

    I love that the zombie is offering a pizza lol
    (from someone with a wheat & dairy allergy)

  3. herddog505@yahoo.com says:

    Grins like that must make the Brady bunch grind their teeth right out of their skulls.

    This is about as good an advertizement for the sheer fun of shooting sports as I can imagine. Well done.

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