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My favorite stock SU16

I have two SU16E variants, both modified rather extensively. But the original concept of SU16 was the “light rifle”, simple and compact. Enter the new version of SU16A — the same long-stroke piston, 18.5″ barrel for high muzzle velocity and … Continue reading

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Ever wondered where all those Keltec rifles end up?

The zombies are hoarding them for the apocalypse. Preferred caliber is 300Blackout, of course. When the night of the living dead comes, they won’t have to stumble around hoping to snag a slow human. Why try to catch the brain … Continue reading

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SU16 available in 300Blackout chambering.

300Blackout is very attractive for short range (which is where 99 point something percent of defensive uses happen). It throws twice the lead of the .223Rem at reasonable velocity (ballistics approximate 7.62×39 but bullet selection is better). While subsonics are … Continue reading

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Keltec SU16C

Unconventional but functional. 10 more images

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SU16A light rifle

Light weight, long sight radius, clean piston action, folds up for transport — looks like a useful walk-about carbine. Keltec site still has the old photo showing a plastic front sight, but the rifle has been upgraded since.

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Same rifle, bigger caliber

The logic of 300BLK is simple: twice the weight of metal at the cost of slightly less flat trajectory. At 100 yards, the difference in drop is only 2″, at 200 it grows to 8″. Still within point blank for … Continue reading

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Keltec SU16 in use

As I’ve mentioned before, SU16 is one of my favorite light rifles. It’s a clean-running, lightweight piston gun with good accuracy. It’s very simple, has mild recoil and can be customized extensively. SU16 works well suppressed. It’s main down side … Continue reading

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Active and passive safety devices.

Obviously, the rifle would have to be wrapped against dust.

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Today’s work: Keltec SU16

SU16 is my current favorite 223 — enough that it is my house gun. Mine is very heavily modified with Keltec and Red Lion parts, equipped with light/laser, red dot and a sound suppressor. The full-up weight is probably 50% … Continue reading

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