Keltec SU16 in use

As I’ve mentioned before, SU16 is one of my favorite light rifles. It’s a clean-running, lightweight piston gun with good accuracy. It’s very simple, has mild recoil and can be customized extensively. SU16 works well suppressed. It’s main down side is the lightweight barrel, but realistic self-defense situations rarely go beyond the 60 or so rounds it can fire comfortably in a rapid succession. When visiting with Keltec in Florida, I got to take photos of several configurations of it, some of which are shown below. It’s an indicator of the trust level at Keltec that almost all of the prop guns shown belong to the company employees, not to the company itself.

SU16D, 12" barrel, EOTech sight

SU16E with pistol grip/telestock kit, 1-4x Burris scope, custom quad rail, AFG, Harris bipod

An effective brass deflecting charging handle allows left-hand firing of the nominally right-hand SU16 without much danger of getting hit by hot brass.

SU16E with standard bipod forend, EOTech sight and a very effective YHM suppressor

Same rifle aimed

PF9 with +1 extended magazine in a Frank Oldham holster

As you can see, over the years this holster has been through thick and thin with its owner. The pistol shown here is a newer Ceracoated gun, the actual carry pistol that came with the holster was an old blued version. Frank’s work is very popular among Keltec employees. If you want a holster like that, drop Frank a line at — he makes very durable and practical designs from alligator and other exotic hides.

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8 Responses to Keltec SU16 in use

  1. James C. Foy says:

    That’s a nice piece of work. I had a look at a used PF11 for the wife, but she wasn’t impressed.

  2. TNinfidel says:

    Any word on whether they will offer the SU 16 in 300 Blackout? I’d love to get one if they did.

    • Oleg Volk says:

      I think it’s already available. I’ll have one in a week and will post accuracy, function and other results of range testing. Have 440 rounds of mixed ball, match and subsonic match to try, with suppressor and without.

  3. ecurb says:

    I notice that a lot SU16 owners replace the folding stock with a collapsing one. Do you know why? It seems odd considering that folding is one of the rifle’s selling points.

    • Oleg Volk says:

      I like very short stocks. I also train a lot of kids and short adults, so a tele stock is necessary. I also like having a pistol grip.

  4. username.jhat says:

    Does anyone know of a distributor who has the C version in stock? The shops around here can’t find one for me.

    Love the blog!

  5. Rob C. says:

    Who makes that custom quad rail in the second pic?

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