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Little Red

Could you guess her age from the photo?

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Details of yesterday’s photos: holstered PF9

One advantage of IWB holsters: they do not require a very sturdy belt.

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PF22 conversion kit

I am a great fan of .22 conversion kits. With PF9, it makes sense — PF9-22 is cheaper to shoot, has less noise and recoil and turns a 14oz defensive pistol into an 11oz kit gun. All that for $199, … Continue reading

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Summer-time carry solution

(Don’t just throw a gun in your pocket. Use a good quality pocket holster, such as JS or Galco)

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Keltec SU16 in use

As I’ve mentioned before, SU16 is one of my favorite light rifles. It’s a clean-running, lightweight piston gun with good accuracy. It’s very simple, has mild recoil and can be customized extensively. SU16 works well suppressed. It’s main down side … Continue reading

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