My favorite stock SU16

I have two SU16E variants, both modified rather extensively. But the original concept of SU16 was the “light rifle”, simple and compact. Enter the new version of SU16A — the same long-stroke piston, 18.5″ barrel for high muzzle velocity and long sight radius, but now with a metal front sight tower. It weighs only five pounds, slightly less than an M1 carbine. It ships with a 10-round magazine, two of which can fit into the hollow stock. It can use all AR-compatible mags and a standard 30-rounder can fit inside the stock. The rifle will fold in half for transport with magazines still in the stock. With a compact X15 50rd drum inserted and a spare 30rd mag in the stock, it allows a substantial amount of ammo to be carried without pouches or add-ons. The split forend becomes a bipod with a press of a button. The gun is reliable, runs cleanly and has mild recoil despite the light weight. It is available in various colors — I personally prefer tan because it doesn’t heat up in the sun as much as black would.

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3 Responses to My favorite stock SU16

  1. guy says:

    The curve on the checkering of the buttstock perfectly matches the curve of your models butt. The colors are pretty close too. Did you do that on purpose?

  2. Y. says:

    Wish they made a full-caliber version. .30-06, .308, 8mm, 7.62×54..

    Would that be so much work? It could probably be mostly the same gun except for magazine barrel?

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