Back from Dragoncon

Had a good time with Madmike, Wing, Montieth and other friends. I mostly just relaxed and kicked back. Most of the panel discussions didn’t interest me much, but small group and one on one conversations after hours were fun. Met many old friends and quite a few new people. Photos will be posted as I have them edited.

Tirzah is a makeup artist.

Brian drifted into Steampunk from SCA.

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4 Responses to Back from Dragoncon

  1. Sean says:

    Even with all the zombie makeup..still got a gorgeous eye. 🙂

  2. Bryan S. says:

    After running a medium sized anime convention, I’ve thought about attending Dragoncon, as it seemed to be pretty interesting mix of everything.

  3. Scott says:

    Very nice shots. The make-up/prosthetics job on the first one is outstanding.

    It was great seeing you this weekend and wondering around looking for neatness to shoot.

    You still have my card-reader. Keep it. I picked up a new one.


  4. Turk says:

    ??? I think I KNOW Brian!!!…..what’s his SCA name?….TC

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