I like the Steampunk style

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  1. Valeriy says:

    I like it too! =)

  2. Nik Ratibor says:


  3. Ross says:

    Since I’ve been a watchmaker (as a hobby) I find people wearing loupes to be… somewhat poseur-ish. I’ve worn them for real, as has my father… so to see them used as a prop in a costume is very weird. I keep wondering exactly what they’re supposed to be there for when I know they’re not doing any kind of delicate work.

  4. Matthew says:

    Steampunk attire and populous are mechanically inspired people who deal with many small intricate mechanical items, as per design. It’s the culture of the Steampunk fantasy style. It would be very advantageous in a civilization such as that to wear loupes casually, as you will often come in contact with items requiring some sort of magnification to operate or understand effectively. As a designer, Steampunk is usually one of my absolute favorite styles due to it’s very clear and obvious, albeit over complicated, design style. Although it is often Goldbergian in nature, it nearly always has a clear purpose and one of the mainstays of Steampunk is that those designs often just make sense. That obvious simplicity in purpose but complexity in execution has always intrigued me.

  5. Oddball says:

    Since you’re into steampunk, have you thought about going down to Chattacon in January? It’s at the Chattanooga ChooChoo and the steampunk folks have kind of taken over the con.

  6. oddball says:

    Since it looks like you’re getting interested in steampunk, I might recommend going to Chattacon in January. It’s at the Chattanooga Choo Choo and the steampunk crowd has kind of taken it over. It’s also a pretty good party con in general.

    • oddball says:

      Oops, since it looks like my previous comment did take and is just sitting waiting for you to decide if it’s spam or not, please disregard the second one.

      Sorry about that.

  7. He looks so cool with the glasses and his steampunk outfit. He could be a model of steampunk attires.

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