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An old image which is worth re-posting.

  I am lucky to be friends with quite a few peace officers.

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When in Rome…

…I couldn’t do as these Romans, as their laws aren’t very friendly to gun ownership and less friendly to carry. The US laws are no better as far as visitors are concerned. This is the main down side to foreign … Continue reading

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Arbitrary laws erode respect for the law makers and law enforcers

I just found out that dashboard video recorders that are ubiquitous in Russia and fairly common in the US are illegal in Austria and Switzerland. It’s a bit difficult to have any respect for laws when they are as arbitrary … Continue reading

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Jeopardy, opportunity, ability

The shooting of Andy Lopez for the “crime” of carrying an airsoft toy gun in California is interesting for several reasons. One, the shooter is an acquaintance whom I know through the Firing Line forum and regard favorably, largely thanks … Continue reading

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How police lost the fight for hearts and minds

As communication technologies improve, most Americans are learning that police forces include many psychopathic, murderous thugs. Videos of police committing rape, murder, mugging and other crimes under the color of the law are everywhere. It’s only a numerical minority of … Continue reading

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Vampires in Tennessee

Turns out that vampires are now real. Stakes won’t work on them because of armor, and other means may be at the defender’s peril because they have official backing. Curious to see how long it will take before the first … Continue reading

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Decorative Camouflage, Functional Rifle

For full functionality, the camo pattern would have had to be a little larger in scale and more subdued in color. But this gun is mostly for fun. On the practical side, RFB is short, handy and may be fired … Continue reading

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Home invader repellent.

If courts don’t stop no-knock home invasions, bullets and other means would have to. Given the extreme danger posed to lawful people by violent police invasions, it’s no wonder many households have moved from shotguns to rifles for defense. The … Continue reading

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Shotgun so sweet, it’s even painted like a chocolate chip cookie

Seen this weekend at Coal Creek Armory in Knoxville.

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New on CTD blog: Why Such an Emphasis on Accuracy?

How inherent rifle accuracy contributes to the ultimate success of an important shot.

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A good question.

This question has more relevance for cities and suburbs, especially given the occasional social disruptions like the NOLA and London riots. Unlike shotguns, rifles can reach out and touch a looter with an incendiary device in hand without the defender … Continue reading

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I need more spare time

I’ve had this rifle for almost three months now. I have yet to shoot it myself… Anderson Mfg. sniper rifle (20″ barrel, .223Rem) with 3.5-15x Nightforce scope and YHM BUIS.

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Legitimacy of the lawmakers? Don’t make me laught!

Tam mentions a police raid against a guitar maker in my own town conducted over a pretext so flimsy….just read the details. The Bible had a very appropriate line about this: “First cast out the beam out of thine own … Continue reading

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Does it quack like a duck?

“Two of the shooters were dressed as uniformed police officers” “…he presented himself as a police officer” Mass murderers sometimes masquerade as authority figures to gain compliance from their victims. It’s becoming especially common with home invasions, as those are … Continue reading

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Defend the castle!

Recently, police have been involved in what looks like murder in the course of home invasion and murder with intimidation of witnesses and press. At this rate, I expect the distinction between the ordinary Ordnungspolizei and Einsatzgruppen to become insignificant. … Continue reading

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