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There’s no cavalry to the rescue.

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California, 25 years later

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Guest post: A Lawyer’s Riff On The First Amendment

I Don’t Agree With What You Say, But I Will Defend To The Death Your Right To Say It. First thing’s first, basic disclaimer, because lawyers are so used to the legal world that we just assume people are waiting … Continue reading

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Odd absence of serious ranged weapons

Looking at the videos and photos of the street fighting in Ukraine, it would seem that the riot police formations would be quite vulnerable to arrows, bolts and slugs even if fired from extreme range. And yet I see nothing … Continue reading

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Final protective fire.

This rifle is not shown with a bipod because of its dual long/short range role. Sandbags or other improvised supports would keep the shooter less visible than a bipod, and the forend thermal wrap combined with a VFG would keep … Continue reading

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Riots vs. pogroms

I hear quite a few worried comments about the possibility of civil unrest in the US. Looking at the precedents, I see three directions it could take: riots, pogroms and freelance criminal activity. The latter, individually perpetrated crime, is what … Continue reading

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A good question.

(For the curious, this FAL was home-built on a Coonan receiver.)

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Plastic birdshot

Recently, I received several boxes of less lethal munitions from Rio. Beanbags, rubber buckshot and roundball, blanks and plastic birdshot. Since riot control isn’t my thing, and I don’t hunt plastic decoys with rubber buck, I was trying to find … Continue reading

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Best tools for riot control

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Two good arguments against arson and riots

I think that one resolute person with a firearm could have ended the recent London riots in minutes. Unfortunately, British authorities seem to favor the thugs and would have tried to prosecute lawful self-defense…hence the disclaimer.

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