Best tools for riot control

A single lawful person with the will and the means to open fire would have stopped the UK pogroms in seconds. Mobs seldom loiter once repeating firearms are heard nearby…casualties among the rioters would have been instructive to their cohorts but probably not even necessary for ending the fiery mayhem.

As reality stands, the British Government insists that their subjects only go through the motions of self-defense without actual effect. That sounds like a very unhealthy fetish the UK Home Office enjoys at the expense of lives, health and property of others. In the US, rioters would probably fare better against police who just might use less lethal munitions than against regular citizens who would use conventional bullets. And a small loss would it be should the fans of arson, battery and assault come to grief at the hands of their intended victims.

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  1. Linoge says:

    So the obvious question (that I do not really need to know the answer to, but it is the obvious question) is “Is that hers?”

    Said question is left intentionally vague…

    • Oleg Volk says:

      Neither prop is hers. But she does have an Army Ranger fiance, and a Marine rifle instructor has been teaching her to handle small arms.

      • Sean says:

        yeah Oleg but the fact she’s got both those things going for her doesn’t change the fact she turns heads, and in my case were I to see her on the street, probably walk into a wall. 🙂

  2. Alan says:

    That was my question too. Whose flogger is that?

  3. Nikolay says:

    Гранату бы ей. Ф1М

    • Oleg Volk says:

      Чего нема, того нема. А может лучше уж МОНку или Клаймор?

  4. I call foul. Twice, actually.

    Once on language — “pogrom” is pretty widely understood to mean a mob after a particular group, ethnic, religious, or otherwise identified. I’ve seen no articles suggesting any such motivations behind the recent rioters in England.

    Second, the suggestion that one armed person would have stopped them is quite theoretical; yet you state it as a fact. (And if it is true, which we can’t really know, it’d be more evidence that the mob was not conducting a pogrom; the more directed and motivated they are, the harder they are to discourage.)

    • Oleg Volk says:

      DDB, I agree on the distinction between a pogrom and a riot…on the other hand, riots tend to target authorities, whereas this event seemed to focus on looting and mistreatment of innocent neighbors.

      As for the effect of a single shooter on the process, I am quite certain that either the sound of gunfire or suddenly appearing casualties without an obvious cause (as from suppressed smallbore rifle) would have demotivated the participants in a very major way. I guess the experience in Northern Ireland made the UK authorities gun-shy…so all the more reason to give the ability to fight back to the lawful people. Of course, there are no guarantees in life, so gunfire might have led to a further escalation…though how far past arson of occupied dwelling can it escalate?

      Maybe we should conduct a experiment to verify my theory. Next time there’s a riot someplace, shoot the most egregiously violent participants and see if their buddies leave or escalate. Repeat until “leave” becomes a clearly preferred option.

      • Flint says:

        One technique that has been effective (and is generally less than lethal, to partially appease the criminal-survival fetishists), is to fire a shotgun at the ground in front of the rioters, at a low angle. The ricocheting pellets do damage to the lower legs, and often travel back several rows of rioters. The damage is rarely lethal, unless an artery is hit at random, and should (typically) have them tripping over themselves to get away.

        Killing them may just enrage those who remain. Death is unreal, and doesn’t have a huge psychological impact on someone who is psyched up and rioting. Injuries and pain are things that we’ve all had real-world experience with, and have a much greater impact, deflating the blood-lust of the rioters.

      • Reg T says:

        Correct me if I am wrong, but I was under the impression that the Israelis have made good use of suppressed .22 cal weapons during Palestinian riots and/or terrorist activities (but I repeat myself). I don’t recall if their intent was to wound and hopefully incapacitate or to “terrorize” them back via a shooter who could not be located or even heard to be firing. Hopefully, it was used to terminate a few of the vermin, as well – but that’s just me.

    • Ross says:

      I’m not so sure that the word “pogrom” is ill-used. From the reports I saw, the “rich folks”, the shopkeepers, anyone who looked like they had money were targeted.

      Perhaps you could say that the ones who worked for a living were being persecuted.

    • NR Pax says:

      Actually, during the Rodney King riots, the shops that had armed owners didn’t get destroyed. If I recall correctly, brandishing the shotgun was enough to convince the mob to go elsewhere.

    • MicroBalrog says:

      Gomel Pogrom.

  5. camtec says:

    That beautiful lady could cause a riot.

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  7. And a small loss would it be should the fans of arson, battery and assault come to grief at the hands of their intended victims.

    Pure poetry! Well spoken, and true.


  8. Flint says:

    So… the victim disarmament folks believe that floggers will stop riots, hairspray will stop home invasions, and popsicle sticks will stop rape?

  9. Philippe says:

    Who’s side the european civilized anti-gun, pro “human right” governments, administrations, judges, intellectual elite, leftist or ethnic associations and medias are? Surely not the side of law abiding peaceful citizens.

    Hi, I’m currently living in France and I want to show you the French example which is not to be followed.
    I am worried that lots of American leftists and progressists are trying to make the USA look like the “civilized Europe”.

    In France we had, by November 2005, riots like the one occurred in the UK, but it lasted almost 1 month. One man was beaten to death by thugs (in front of his son and his wife), one woman was so seriously burned, when the bus she was into was set on fire by thugs, that she is now crippled. The female bus driver who witnessed this had suffered from PTSD and depression since, she just killed herself this year, after 6 years of suffering, she was mother of 2. About 100 cops was injured some by firearms shot (one was hit by a 12 caliber slug, in the shoulder, lots was injured by smoothbore birdshot shots, one lost his eye).
    It was reported that while some thugs were shooting at a police patrol with shotgun, a female police sergeant pull down the pistol of one of the officer under her command to prevent him to shoot back. Later she was decorated by the current French president (who was at the time of the riots Ministery of Interior chief of the National Police) with a medal for her “courage and cold blood under fire”. Obviously it is considered a good thing for the cops to be shot without fighting back.
    During these same riots, a socialist party’s politician, even told that the police forces should be called back from the devastated area, their presence ” to provoke” the “young people who were just revolting against social injustice”, let them burn some cars, some garbage bins, and they will stop… a politician from the “Communist Revolution League” party and another one from “ecology” party suggested that the all the French cops (excepted special units, like SWAT) should be disarmed. They say that a firearm at the side of a cop “provoke” the “young poor people” to violence.
    The French current president said once that ordinary citizen shouldn’t defend themselves with firearms; this is the business of law enforcement only. The incident I talked about previously shows that he denies this right even to law enforcement officers.
    His government just put Tazer another electric means of defence into a permit require ownership…. A deliberate will to let the ordinary citizen totally defenceless face to criminals.

    Worse, the French justice system betrays the victims of crimes.
    In France, a murderer actually spends 15 years in prison for the average. It took for 2 women to torture to death an old lady to be convicted for 22 years of jail without parole. Some victims of rape had the bad surprise to find out that the criminals who raped her were free after only 2 years spent of jail.
    1/3 of the convicted felons and criminals never go in prison.
    The criminals even not fear French justice, few years ago, some thugs who were waiting in the building of Justice Court to be judged for some felonies, raped a girl in the toilet of the Justice Court (you will ask me how the heck these thugs were free in the Court: some lefty judges don’t like to violate the thugs individual freedom, most of them are not put in custody, but only summoned to come to attend their trail at the court. Usually there are suspected for “minors” felony like robbery, assault, “minor” drug dealing, vehicle arson, even “minor” sexual assault. In some jurisdiction car arsons is so common and numerous that it is considered by some General Attorney not a “serious enough” felony , they systematically drop charges.

    Oleg said in one of his pictures “Civilized Europeans must settle for extra Vaseline”… you don’t have idea how true it is…

    The words a police commander who once yelled: “France, land of “Human Rights where criminals have more rights than the others”, stays in my mind.

    Three days ago in a train near Paris, a 18 year old Tunisian illegal piece of crap raped a 4 month pregnant woman threading her with a knife…. In the USA she would be able to protect herself, had she carry a firearm….Here in Europe it just but a good victim and don’t make wave is the only choice to law abiding citizens.
    Long live the US 2nd Amendment.

  10. North says:

    People frightened of guns are the people that want to disarm society. So it makes sense to them that the useless “weapon” (could be a sex toy – at least in this household it is) is an effective way to defend against the criminal element that they have never encountered.

    Perhaps she should be holding a sheet of paper? She could threaten a serious paper cut. That would be an effective defense in the fantasy world.

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