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They grow up so fast

Congratulations, Grace!

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Light rifles and heavy

This rifle combines a GWACS Armory polymer lower and a Head Down upper. It is very light, and has little recoil — so little 13 year old Grace could get away with this shooting position. She was pinging a small … Continue reading

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Hit the gym!

Besides the obvious health benefits, more muscle means you can operate heavier toys. This DSA FAL is hefty — a heavy barrel, a 100rd Beta drum and a 2.5-10x optic do add up — but also capable of keeping up … Continue reading

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Does it make my FAL look fat?

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“Home Defense” isn’t about homes.

Back cover for the new on-line Home Defense magazine. It’s another project of Delta Media, along with the United States Concealed Carry Association. Rifles shown: (left) left-hand Rock River AR15 with X5L light/laser and DSA FAL with a heavy barrel. … Continue reading

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Danica smiles. Again.

Homebuilt FAL on a Coonan receiver, Magpul PRS2 stock, Burris 1.5-6×40 scope.

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OK, maybe this wouldn’t stop a riot…

…but it would certainly end one fast! STG58 with Cyclone muffler for hearing protection and 100rd Beta magazine for lead sufficiency. Ear muffs have built-in radio jack and stereo microphones that improve on un-amplified hearing, wearing eye protection is just … Continue reading

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If you can’t afford a rifle…

…you may be about to get just the receiver and add parts to it as funds become available. AR building is traditional, but the same can be done with FAL. Here’s a receiver by Coonan Arms. Legally, this is the … Continue reading

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Teach your children.

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A good question.

This question has more relevance for cities and suburbs, especially given the occasional social disruptions like the NOLA and London riots. Unlike shotguns, rifles can reach out and touch a looter with an incendiary device in hand without the defender … Continue reading

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Thinking of building a FAL?

Coonan makes more than just cool pistols. Background chain mail courtesy of Mike Williamson of Cloak & Dagger.

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