OK, maybe this wouldn’t stop a riot…

…but it would certainly end one fast!

STG58 with Cyclone muffler for hearing protection and 100rd Beta magazine for lead sufficiency. Ear muffs have built-in radio jack and stereo microphones that improve on un-amplified hearing, wearing eye protection is just prudent safety practice. Armor goes under the shirt for everyday wear during civil unrest. STG58 has an integrated bipod, so the full weight of the loaded rifle doesn’t have to be held aloft when firing from cover. The only down side is that a FAL would get quite toasty after a hundred rounds fired rapidly…but still less toasty than a Molotov Cocktail tossed into your home by a rampaging mob.

Of course, I personally live in the land of accord and brotherly love, but I hear that’s not true for everyone.

PS: A technical response to the comments on other web sites: STG58 does not have a good heat shield in the forend. About 40 rounds fired rapidly would warm it up past comfortable holding temperatures. So this particular photo is mainly tongue in cheek. That said, it does have a bipod and a carrying handle and those makes touching the forend less necessary when firing from a fixed position or moving.

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17 Responses to OK, maybe this wouldn’t stop a riot…

  1. I’d prefer a BM-59 but a FAL wouldn’t make me underguned either. W/the Appleseed project bringing up more good riflemen This might be the case in a lot of “hoods”.

  2. Dave says:

    At the last line, I had to go back and check the byline–it sounded like you had somehow resurrected Col. Cooper and had him guest-blogging for you!

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  4. Lanius says:

    Not possible to apply some thermal paste to a FAL barrel and put some finned cooling jacket onto that?

  5. TCHall says:

    I HATE it when you put up pictures like this one!

    Just found a source for reasonably priced Beta Mags for my M1-A and I’m attempting to ignore the thought of loading up once for a whole weekend of plinking! (or five minutes of increadably loud fun!!!!)

    In case I’ve forgotten to mention it before, love your photographic style(s)

    Thanks for sharing!


  6. Rabbit says:

    I love me some STG58. CTD carried a railed forend for FALs and may still have them. I might end up buying it yet, but the downside is the loss of the integrated bipod.

    That full Beta mag and can puts it up there near a BAR as far as weight. Still, it’s a lovely, comforting thing.

    I plan to bring my STG58 out this weekend for some exercise. She deserves it.

  7. ChrisJ says:

    Did they make the tower long enough that this can be used in an RFB?

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  9. Will says:

    I think I’d rather have a metal drum magazine, even if it only holds 1/2 as much, because Murphy is always lurking about:

    Review – Allied Armament FAL drum

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  11. Mike says:

    Mobs are filled with cowards!

    After the first dozen fall, the rest will be trampling each other to run!

  12. george h. armstrong says:

    Living where I do, some of us are allowed to keep our FALs but nobody is allowed to shoot them! That’s how our Government thanks the Old Farts who protected their sorry butts back in the ’60s.

    If you need more cooling, take a lesson from the Charlton LMG (made from Boer War Lee-Enfields). They kept the standard rifle barrel and FINNED it with alternating aluminum washers and short rings of aluminum conduit, pressed on. Worked fine. Cheap, too! If they are a little bit loose, the flash-hider can be used to keep them from rattling.

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