What kind of frog is this?

Found it on my deck chair.

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11 Responses to What kind of frog is this?

  1. pa stubbs says:

    its your basic tree frog

  2. armed_partisan says:

    He appears to be a Grey Tree Frog (Hyla Versicolor), who are kinda rare in TN. They tend to vary in color between greenish and grey, but their color can change based on diet and environment.

    • perspicuity says:

      i agree. i get them all the time.

      they also SING. quite loudly, and will scare the scat out of you when they do it from a few feet away. at night. they come. for your brainz!

  3. It appears to be Xanthic, if it looks as yellow in life as in your picture. That’s also pretty rare, kind of like albinism.

  4. ross says:

    A crunchy one?

  5. Sid says:

    It is the dreaded Mexican Staring Frog of Southern Sri Lanka.

  6. Lyle says:

    Your property will now have to be seized because it’s the home of a rare frog. Next time you find a rare species on your property, just kill the thing (to save your property) and don’t take pictures of it.

  7. Kristopher says:

    The kind that transmit skin poison via photography.

  8. Don Gwinn says:

    My five-year-old just pointed at it and called out, “IT’S A TREE FROG!”
    He’s brilliant.

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