Hit the gym!

Besides the obvious health benefits, more muscle means you can operate heavier toys. This DSA FAL is hefty — a heavy barrel, a 100rd Beta drum and a 2.5-10x optic do add up — but also capable of keeping up a high volume of cover fire for your friends.

There’s also that fringe benefit of looking good for the prospective mate. Might be a consideration given today’s date.

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13 Responses to Hit the gym!

  1. Bear says:

    Hey! Wait a minute… He has a tattoo.

    Ah, well. I’m not oriented to appreciate it, but I suppose the ladies like this one. I’d rather see more shots of Sarah and Gremlin myself. And guns. “Lots of guns.”

  2. techres says:

    I am not a tattoo person, but visually it kinda works out because the drum blocks the usual brand mark and the tattoo is very like a brand mark so the pairing offsets each other. Now watching him try and hold on target with that FAL from the shoulder would be a riot.

  3. LarryArnold says:

    Sorry. The only visual I get is Hot Brass Dance!

    Guess it’s an instructor thing.

  4. Alyk Elgac says:

    Well whether he can shoot it or not he makes me want to buy one(and hit the gym)! Plus tattoos can always be covered by makeup or edited out.

  5. Alyk Elgac says:

    I look forward to seeing more Mr. Volk.

  6. jigsaw says:

    NICE …

    Very nice – and yes, would like to see him with some bow shots …

    Keep up the good work!

  7. Lyle says:

    No need to hit the gym if you’re hefting a rifle like that one on a regular basis. Then there are the ammo boxes, the shooting bench, the targets….jogging 200 or 400 yards between target and shooting position (tip; carry your rifle along to reset targets). A day shooting can be a great workout. Last weekend I went out on showshoes with an AR-15 HBAR. That’s a workout even without the rifle, ammo, muffs, rangefinder, binocs and target stand to carry along. In the sub freezing weather you’ll be ripping off your coat in no time, trying to cool off. In the summer you don’t have that option.

  8. anonymous says:

    My first thought was the tattoo looks like a modern version of the 34th Infantry Division.

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