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Little mouse.

Today, while on a photo shoot with me and another friend, the author of Just People found this tiny comatose mouse. The model wanted to warm it up, but its prospects looked poor.

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Left-hand AR15

Just because 9mm carbines are girly, doesn’t mean that smaller bores should be neglected. Sarah gets long with the RRA .223 for southpaws just fine. Range report in a few. Other trivia: you can see a Sykes-Fairburn dagger and clips … Continue reading

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“Home Defense” isn’t about homes.

Back cover for the new on-line Home Defense magazine. It’s another project of Delta Media, along with the United States Concealed Carry Association. Rifles shown: (left) left-hand Rock River AR15 with X5L light/laser and DSA FAL with a heavy barrel. … Continue reading

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The reason for Desert Eagle grips size

Ever wondered who has hands big enough to shoot Desert Eagles comfortably? I bet he carries enough of them to do New York reloads…or at least his book characters could.

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Special effects by Tirzah

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