Little mouse.

Today, while on a photo shoot with me and another friend, the author of Just People found this tiny comatose mouse. The model wanted to warm it up, but its prospects looked poor.

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7 Responses to Little mouse.

  1. Y. says:

    Small rodents are surprisingly resilient.

    I once had a pair Dzungarian hamsters (a small bit bigger than mice).
    The lazier of those two, called Abrams was about two years old when he became paralyzed in his two back legs and would just drag himself around. He looked—well. Not good. Also near the maximum lifespan for such that hamster breed.

    We decided that probably he is not very happy, and as his adventurous comrade Intel has died in his sleep some time ago, my mother crushed some sedative, mixed it with water and injected it into Abrams.

    He slept for a day or so and after that regained the use of his back legs. We were amazed, I’ve only read about similar stuff in the James Herriot novels, where there was a similar sheep-related event.

  2. Ray says:

    Oleg, If that rodent isn’t in a borrow and isn’t being eaten, Then it is very -VERY sick. That lady needs to see an M.D.-LIKE SOON. There are at least five virus’s that she could catch just from picking Sick Mickey up, and all of them kill .

  3. Bug says:

    But little Mouse, you are not alone,
    In proving foresight may be vain:
    The best laid schemes of mice and men
    Go often awry,

  4. Tim Allen says:

    Bubonic plague, pneumonic plague, hantavirus, could be several things. 🙂

  5. B. B. says:

    So…Did the little fella make it?

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