Does it make my FAL look fat?

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7 Responses to Does it make my FAL look fat?

  1. Mattexian says:

    Heh, that would take the winds outta the sails of folks who complain about the 20-rd mags on most .308 battle rifles!

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  3. MAJ Mike says:


    First — lovely young lady.

    Second — How much does that weigh, fully loaded (the magazine, not the lovely shooter)?

  4. Rivrdog says:

    Anyone know whether that double-drum is available for the G-3 (CETME, H&K 91 and those)?

  5. tad stratton says:

    Not fat, just like mag wheels on a truck.

  6. Sigivald says:

    Makes it look a little chubby around the middle, yeah…

  7. Is that C-Mag or something else?

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