Light rifles and heavy

This rifle combines a GWACS Armory polymer lower and a Head Down upper. It is very light, and has little recoil — so little 13 year old Grace could get away with this shooting position. She was pinging a small steel plate at about hundred yards with it. The sight is the new model HD7 with turret caps removed for zeroing.

Just another horribly polite, well-socialized and highly educated home schooled teenager.

She shot my new groupsourced FAL which, contrary to its name, was neither light nor automatic. The rifle is based on a Coonan receiver, with most other parts from a surplus kit gifted to me by a friend. Vortex flash hider and DSA rail were a present from another friend, who also Cerakoted the whole gun to my design. The 6x Primary Arms scope was just thrown on to check accuracy beyond shooting with iron sights. It sits too high in this particular mount but the Magpul stock has an adjustable cheek piece, so it worked out. Eventually, I’ll replace it with something meant for .308 trajectory. So far, this rifle had about a hundred rounds through it, no malfunctions.

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10 Responses to Light rifles and heavy

  1. LarryArnold says:

    Just another horribly polite, well-socialized and highly educated home schooled teenager with freckles.

    gifted to me by a friend…a present from another friend

    You are wealthy indeed.

  2. beaded dragoon says:

    Loved this line: “Just another horribly polite, well-socialized and highly educated home schooled teenager.”

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  4. Hugh Davis says:

    Love the pics like this one. Wholesome teenagers who can shoot. While any nude will catch a guys eye (deny it all you want it’s how we are hard wired) I think the pictures I like best are those of young folks enjoying shooting just like any other activity. Second best are your RKBA spreads with women defending themselves. (Ok my attitude changed when I had two daughters of my own.)

  5. JBranch says:

    Santa came early and brought me a new HD7 for my AR. I haven’t been able to shoot it yet, but I definitely like it. Looking forward to shooting this weekend!

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  7. Ray says:

    I got a MINTY 1975 built Rossi 1892 in .45LC for Christmas. That is a really nice FAL Oleg , This is me with envy.

  8. Bobby says:

    Are my eyes playing tricks, or does that barrel appear to have an upward cant?

  9. Mehul Kamdar says:


    The FAL looks very interesting. Did you build it yourself, or did Galt’s guns do the job? I would like to build an FAL sometime, but mine would be more along the lines of the traditional British military model. The Cerakote work looks almost 100% traditional, though, and it will be a feature.

  10. Bill C. says:

    What’s the country of origin of the parts kit? Argentine? Brazilian?

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