Plastic birdshot

Recently, I received several boxes of less lethal munitions from Rio. Beanbags, rubber buckshot and roundball, blanks and plastic birdshot. Since riot control isn’t my thing, and I don’t hunt plastic decoys with rubber buck, I was trying to find a use for the munitions.

They make great training rounds for kids and other recoil-sensitive shooters. Since certain guns are not available in calibers smaller than 12, these make excellent for reduced recoil training. Effective range — the distance at which the pellets penetrate target paper — seems to be about 20m. The shot cup is the most dangerous projectile. Overall recoil is below .410 and the report is roughly comparable.

For indoor or close range shooting, this round also reduces ricochet danger. I do not advise using this instead of regular birdshot in the long run, but it is great for the initial familiarization.

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5 Responses to Plastic birdshot

  1. Redd09 says:

    Is there any chance the same could be achieved with those damned 6mm BBs that’re used for airsoft games?

  2. Oleg Volk says:

    Probably, they’d double as #3 “buckshot”. The pellets I saw were about #7 or #6 shot made of polyethylene. If you load your own, then airsoft BBs would work fine.

  3. Jeff says:

    Will they break a clay pigeon? (thrown)

  4. Rich T says:

    Lucky kid. I would love to try out the KSG.

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