Dennis from Dragon Leather was just here

He showed me the prize holster for the current Wounded Warrior fundraiser.

Dragon Leather, now in Tennessee.

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3 Responses to Dennis from Dragon Leather was just here

  1. Carteach says:

    Thank you for the link, Sir! As for the holster….. you know someone is going to win that in the Wounded Warrior Project fund raiser drawing… don’t you? It will come to me to pack it safely, and ship it off to a new owner….. and that new owner will not be me. That may be one of the toughest things I have done for some time. There may be tear stains on the box.

    Beautiful photo Oleg…. as always with your work.

  2. Brian says:

    I greatly enjoyed open carrying in TN with one of his other holsters. Felt much more high class than my black Galco.

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