California, 25 years later

The rifle, fed with stripper clips, is actually California-legal for now. The Glock as well, with 10-round magazines. Actual defense against rioters…not so sure. Urban cops might take the side of the looters.

On the plus side, it seems that large-scale riots are less likely, now that the chief instigator is out of office. A good time to get ready for various future eventualities. Or, if rooftops seem like a chancy place, to move out of California, New Jersey and similar leftist Trashcanistans to America.

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7 Responses to California, 25 years later

  1. LarryA says:

    Too bad crenellation is no longer popular.

  2. Dave says:

    If New Orleans is any example, urban cops will be the looters.

  3. Ray says:

    She needs to sandbag the wall in front of her. About 3 deep , toping out level with the shooting position and lay a bed of sand bags as long as the shooter and raising her up to the level of the parapet. That will give her cover from direct fire both from the front and below. As she is positioned she make a perfect target for anyone with the will and a good rifle. Murphy # 22 “never stick anything up you don’t want blown off” and #23 “never expose more than you have too to take aim” and my favorite#24 “Sandbags and dirt stop bullets and fragments. Walls and skin not so much” Or as my pops used to say “If you plan to shoot back. It is better to be tried by 12 than carried by six. It isn’t called cheating in a gunfight. It’s called winning”.

  4. revjen45 says:

    I was in So Cal during both Greater Los Angeles County Inter-ethnic Summer Festivals. It should be noted that the businesses that had such protection remained intact, those that didn’t not so much.

  5. Kevin Menard says:

    Just don’t move to Texas! We got enough Californians coming here and voting Democratic. And Statist. And higher taxes.

  6. TheRon says:

    Kevin, why would people leave a place like California and then continue to vote to make it like what they left? Makes no sense. None!

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