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Rotary magazine.

There’s something neat about rotary mags.

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Steyr C9-A1

Way back in 2002 or so, I tried a Steyr M9. I liked the trigger, the thin comfortable grip and the lack of recoil, wasn’t sure about the sights and really did not care for the safety lever placement. Ten … Continue reading

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Have you ever wondered what “SSG” means?

Steyr SSG08 isn’t pretty. Like PKM and RPG7 it’s what you haul out when utility trumps aesthetics. 12-42x Nightforce scope might be a bit much for it, but it does help to see the whites of their eyes at very … Continue reading

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The very adjustable SSG08

I will be posting a practical comparison between SSG08 and SSG69 later this summer. One is adjustable but the other has the charm of simplicity. Shown here with the old version of 3.5-15×56 Nightforce scope.

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New on CTD blog: Why Such an Emphasis on Accuracy?

How inherent rifle accuracy contributes to the ultimate success of an important shot.

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