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Yellow paint

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Lawyer grips

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Wood grips for Czechpoint/Alfa Proj revolvers

Czechpoint revolvers come with functional but basic rubber grips. Some people prefer wood, and it turned out that they are available but not yet listed on the new version of Czechpoint USA web site. Here’s a preview of what you … Continue reading

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Adding value right before our eyes

Start with a thin wooden board or a piece of laminate.   Offer a choice of colors and patterns. This is what capitalism is all about: combining “surplus” capital with time and expertise to create excellent — and widely affordable … Continue reading

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Neat smoking pipe

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Something neat showed up yesterday.

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Legitimacy of the lawmakers? Don’t make me laught!

Tam mentions a police raid against a guitar maker in my own town conducted over a pretext so flimsy….just read the details. The Bible had a very appropriate line about this: “First cast out the beam out of thine own … Continue reading

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Another custom pen by Brian

A couple of weeks ago, Brian Evichin gave me a hand-made pen. I finally had the time to post photos of it. The cap is magnetic and snaps on to either end of the pen. It’s truly a gift fit … Continue reading

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