Neat smoking pipe

My friend Buck Williams of WW Guns makes these 45ACP pipes. I don’t see them listed on his web site but I know they are available for purchase, so you can ask him directly: 256.751.5911 or

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4 Responses to Neat smoking pipe

  1. john bradley says:

    I smoke briar, or corncob. Hardwoods don’t last long enough. A corncob you can replace anywhere. I had to hook up a German friend with Missouri Meerschaum to assure him a steady supply when he returns home. Hopefully the import tarrifs don’t overwhelm him. I’d love one for my collection if they aren’t too spendy. I’ll probably call.

  2. David E says:

    Looks very nice – wouldn’t mind one at all. Broke two pipes in the last two months, need replacements.

  3. Dr. Rob says:

    Cool pipe. I love smoking a pipe, but I can’t figure out how to properly pack the bowl to keep the damn thing lit!

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