My friends come bearing interesting things. This one has interchangeable barrels (22LR, 22WMR,17HMR). Excellent trigger and balance. My friend says it shoots dime-sized groups at 100 yards. No wonder they are popular on CZ forum.

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  1. Tim Allen says:

    The last Ruger I bought, a 77-22 shot 6 to 8 inches at 50 yards. I sent it back to Ruger, it came back just like it went in, 6 to 8 inches at 50 yards. I called Ruger and talked to a very unpleasant woman who would only tell me “It meets Ruger accuracy specifications.” and “Send it back.” She would not even assure me it would be fixed if I sent it back a second time. I sold it full disclosure at a big loss. As I said, that was the last Ruger I ever bought. I have always wanted a really accurate bolt action 22. This may be it. Except for that stock. That preposterous stock. (I’m a blued steel and walnut guy.) I’ll have to look into getting one of these. With a walnut stock of course.

    • Oleg Volk says:

      I will post photos of two other CZ .22 stock options. 452 or 455 Lux would probably be your top pick.

  2. j.r. guerra in s. tx. says:

    Mr. Allen, I believe the above 455 or older 452 may be just what you are looking for. Rimfire Central is another gun forum, with the CZ forum is especially active. CZs are worth the attention.

    I own four CZ rimfires and two centerfires – not a bad one in the bunch.

  3. Owen says:

    Is this the gun that came with the scope with 4 built in zeroes, one for each cartridge? I seem to recall fondling it at SHOT show maybe, 5 years ago (in a more traditional stock).

  4. Darrell says:

    I have a .22 lr 452 Lux, and a .22 wmr American. Both are tackdrivers, and are beautiful to boot. Per Tim’s comments, both have very nice walnut stocks.

    As for the 455 Varmint Evolution, I’m interested… I’ve heard one downside is there’s no sling swivel mount, hence no easy way to attach a bipod.

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