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Small Person Blue

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Disrespect for authority is healthy.

Blind respect for the rule of law is one of the downfalls of civilization. Imagine, if you will, an unelected regulatory agency that bans the use of the color blue in clothing. People who wear blue get charged with felonies, … Continue reading

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Out fishing.

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The multi-faceted AR15

Advanced but still recognizably classic 5.56x45mm AR15 by KE Arms. DSG Arms mag pouch detail. The same shooter with the new model 5.7x28mm AR57 upper on a GWACS Armory polymer lower.

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Idaho sky

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One face, two moods

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Tired reader

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Some girls get excited by gold and diamonds…

…others, by steel, brass and lead. Which would make a better teammate? “Сама не летает и другим не даёт.”

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Intruders? Give them something to bleed about!

Anything that gets merely scared off will keep preying on innocent people. Buckshot adjusts attitudes more reliably.

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Why have a light rifle?

To carry the balance of the weight in ammunition, of course! Volquartsen Ultralite .22 action in Blackhawk Axiom stock. The sight is a C-More attached sideways in a custom mount. Black Dog Machine drum with 50 rounds. And a Ruger 22/45 Lite … Continue reading

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A couple of old images

Rainy day.

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Bright-eyed and pensive

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Tomboy by day, girly girl by night

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H&K kind of girl

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Grace (noun)

For this little girl, Grace is both the name and the descriptive adjective. At 13, she evidences adult social graces and capabilities. Her parents can be quite proud of her. And the results: Toys: GSG 1911-22 with AAC Pilot suppressor, … Continue reading

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Little Pistolera

SAA1873-10 Kidnapping women and children would be a lot harder if carrying sidearms and knives was more common.

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My friends come bearing interesting things. This one has interchangeable barrels (22LR, 22WMR,17HMR). Excellent trigger and balance. My friend says it shoots dime-sized groups at 100 yards. No wonder they are popular on CZ forum.

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Protect yourself. Protect your hearing.

For a professional musician like Lauren, firing an unsuppressed  rifle can be a career-ending event. Rifle reports are all too close to concussion grenade (flashbang) noise levels. Taking them down by 28-40dB makes a big difference. So does wearing plugs … Continue reading

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If you shoot 357Mag for effect, get a Coonan

Full-power 357Mag recoil in revolvers is usually quite substantial. I tend to shoot 38Spl in mine unless carrying them, which I do very seldom. The Coonan, on the other hand, gives some muzzle flip but very minimal felt recoil. Shooting … Continue reading

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Cats of Berne

The biggest challenge with this cat was staying far enough away to focus. It was very friendly. And this illustrates the importance of cropping to the semantic content.

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