If you shoot 357Mag for effect, get a Coonan

Full-power 357Mag recoil in revolvers is usually quite substantial. I tend to shoot 38Spl in mine unless carrying them, which I do very seldom. The Coonan, on the other hand, gives some muzzle flip but very minimal felt recoil. Shooting a box or two of full-power loads isn’t difficult, even though the absence of the cylinder gap gives its bullets slightly higher velocity than revolvers. It’s also extremely accurate. I carry mine from time to time. It gains about 300fps for the same bullet weight over 9mm Luger.

As you can see, a 5’1″ girl of 15 can control is without much difficulty.

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13 Responses to If you shoot 357Mag for effect, get a Coonan

  1. Robb Allen says:

    I would buy a Coonan in a heartbeat if there wasn’t such a high price tag associated with them. Even extra mags are crazy $.

    I realize it’s a good product, well made and fun to shoot but not made in quantities that could bring the price down and for that I am sad because I’ve wanted a .357 Magnum in an autoloader since time immemorial.

    Tell Mr. Coonan that the day I hit the lottery, I’m buying matching pistols!

  2. Dc. Castro says:

    Rob, I bought mine used and had the chance to buy another at a very good price but being an idiot,,, If U want a solid investment do not buy Gold, buy a Coonan. I about to order a brand new one credit card bill be damned 🙂

  3. Bob Price says:

    I got my 357 mag after seeing it on the net I calling around and the last place I call had one in stock. I when down and checked it out. Price way a little high but quality is there so I now own it and what a gun . I got two extra mags with it. GREAT GUN.

  4. Sigivald says:

    I’m half amazed she can hold the damned thing, given the size of the grips. I’m a 5’9″ man with long fingers, and I’m not sure I’d get at good grip on a .357-sized pistol grip…

  5. Y. says:

    Hasn’t 10×25 made .357 completely obsolete in autoloaders?

    It packs more power into a smaller package..

    • Oleg Volk says:

      In theory, yes. In practice, 10mm Auto is uncommon and expensive, while 357Mag is fairly common and reasonably priced.

      • Y. says:

        It’s about the same here. 8 crowns per .357, 10 per 10×25 ..
        40 or 50 cents, in US currency.

        Of course, for any pistol ammo above 9×19, reloading is a good idea.

        Also, there is 9mm +P+ and .38 super, to name also powerful but smaller 9 mm cartridges..

      • Totenglocke says:

        For target ammo I’ve seen Prvi Partizan 10mm for about $20 per box of 50 (this is post panic too), which is cheaper than .357 for practicing.

    • Sigivald says:

      But my revolver (actually) and lever-action gun (notionally) aren’t in 10mm Auto…

      • Y. says:

        Well, if you’re into antiques.. it’s not about practicality, I would say.

        There is a 10×25 revolver, I believe though. And you could probably easily have a .454 modified for 10mm, just swap the barrel and cylinder.

  6. William Kemp says:

    get what you like, shoot what you got. I’m real fond of 7.62×25, stacked hardball and frangibles. If I could just find a double-stack….

  7. Judd says:

    I recommend looking into 9×23 Winchester. 125gr bullet at 1500+ fps. Performance is actually a bit better than .357 magnum. Lots of info at Dane Burns’ site: pistolsmith.com The 9×23 OAL is the same as .45 ACP, so a 1911 actually functions better with 9×23 than with 9×19. I had my gunsmith build on using a Les Baer .38 Super. New barrel and some tuning and it is a great gun to shoot. 10 round mags, hard to beat.

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