Intruders? Give them something to bleed about!

Anything that gets merely scared off will keep preying on innocent people. Buckshot adjusts attitudes more reliably.

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8 Responses to Intruders? Give them something to bleed about!

  1. Ray says:

    OO OOO and OOOO all work well at “indoor” ranges. For those who have never used the 12 Ga. At twelve feet the spreading “pattern” of shot is fairly dense, so AIM. Don’t just point. Like any other SD firearm the rule “center mass– shoot till neutralized” is the key to success. JUST REMEMBER: Shooting any weapon indoors will make your head ring like a church bell and leave you unable to hear for hours. A short 12 Ga. is a LOT like a “flash bang grenade” indoors.

  2. Art out West says:

    Perhaps I am overly optimistic, but I’d like to think that some thugs reconsider their evil ways when they realize that they narrowly escaped being shot. I think some of them will mend their ways. Being shot (and surviving) will probably cure more cases. Being taken out by their intended victim, will cure all cases.

    • Paul Koning says:

      From Gary Kleck’s research, it seems pretty clear that just having a weapon pointed at them will convince a lot of criminals to try elsewhere. It seems that only the minority need to be shot at, and an even smaller number actually need to be hit.
      That’s not to say there’s anything wrong with “shoot at center mass”. It certainly will do the job. As Larry Niven might say, “think of it as evolution in action”.

      • Ray says:

        Paul : Rule two states, “Never point a firearm at anything you do not intend to kill” ALLWAYS SHOOT TO KILL. You may only get one shot at the goblin that WILL take your firearm away and kill you with it if you hesitate. If you are not prepared to kill you should divest yourself of firearms as soon as you can and try harsh language. It will serve you better. Using a firearm to “scare” a criminal inside your home is both deeply stupid, and shows a total lack of understanding of criminality and personal responsibility. Guns are for killing and not one thing else. If you believe otherwise you shouldn’t own one. You’ll get hurt or killed when it gets taken away from you and used on you and your loved ones.

        • Paul Koning says:

          Ray, I agree entirely. Note though that Kleck’s results do not directly conflict with that rule. I suppose that in some of the cases the defender did violate the rule, by either waving a gun around, or firing “warning shots” (a particularly unwise practice). But chances are that in other cases, the act of starting to draw a weapon was sufficient to send the bad guy running, so it never reached the point of having the weapon point at the bad guy in the first place.

          • Will says:

            I can attest to that. I was trapped in a fast food order lane at midnight on a Friday, with vehicles front and back, and a high curb with planters opposite the building side. Drunk or drugged construction worker type was pounding on my drivers window, so I picked up a small pack/bag from the passenger floor and set it on the seat beside me.
            By the time I got it unzipped, it was quiet, and I observed him jump back in the passenger side of the jacked up truck behind me, which promptly backed out and left.
            After eventually putting in my order and picking up my burrito, I parked a ways off across the strip mall parking lot to eat. With my windows open, I heard someone yell “that guy threatened me with a gun!”, and observed the same idiot standing outside that truck, pointing at me while at the pickup window.

            This told me that he had done this sort of thing before, and had had a gun pointed at him after being retrieved from a bag. What I was looking for was my pepper spray, as it was on my other truck’s keyring. Just as well I didn’t find it quick enough to employ it, as I had never test fired it. It acted like a perfume atomizer, and was worthless due to no range capability.

  3. john says:

    Good to see this, Jeff Cooper used to say that eliminating the goblin was a civic responsibility . Also good to see the advice on using the gun as intended , not as a bluff or scare tactic. If the bluff does not work you have to transition to “plan B” and you may not have time.

  4. Dead goblins have zero recidivism.

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