Disrespect for authority is healthy.

Blind respect for the rule of law is one of the downfalls of civilization. Imagine, if you will, an unelected regulatory agency that bans the use of the color blue in clothing. People who wear blue get charged with felonies, lose voting rights, and the ability to wear clothing at all upon release from prison. The prosecutors continually stretch the definition of “blue” to include teal and purple. They stretch the meaning of “clothing” to include shoes, hats, and handbags. The laws are enforced unevenly, with a pass given to certain politicians and bureaucrats. 

Under those conditions, how does respect and cooperation with any part of the enforcement mechanism advance the cause of human rights and personal freedom? Now consider that laws and regulations passed on most aspects of our lives are as arbitrary, as ridiculous, and as viciously enforced. Make your own conclusions from that.

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