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A Falcon in hand

Nighthawk Falcon 45ACP

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A wedding present…

…from one friend to another. Gray Wolf Hoodie, formerly Red Riding Hood, test fires her present.

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Quiet before the firestorm

17+1 rounds of 10mm Auto await their rapid stage entry.  

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Handheld .50 caliber

It carries well, shoots accurately and softly. For daily practice, it  accepts a .45ACP barrel and recoil spring. Guncrafter Industries #4 is the most impressive 1911 I’ve got to shoot yet.

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Our Lady of the Double Tap

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A very capable lady and her gun

Tatiana Whitlock, the gun trainer, the engineer, and the awesome host. I just got back from a great week that she and her family organized for me in Maine. The Nighthawk T4 she shoots.  

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Sam Hoster does good work.

What kind of gun would a man make for his daughter? Pretty and functional. 9mm 1911 with her name engraved on the slide. Made by Sam Hoster of Custom Defense.

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Bad nightmares about good things

Last night’s dream was amusing enough, in retrospect, to be written up. I was going through an airport with my parents and a couple of friends who visited from Germany. My parents went ahead, I hanged back with the tourists. … Continue reading

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Snake skin holster

Dennis at Dragon Leatherworks makes awesome holsters. This one is made of snake skin.

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Magazines for 1911 rimfire conversions

Two years ago, I got an Iver Johnson 1911 with a .22 conversion kit. Last year, I got a spare magazine for it but had not tried it until today. The new magazine, made like the one included with the … Continue reading

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Dan Wesson ECO review: new on AllOutdoor

A review written by my friend Michelle, with my photos. (Scroll down on the linked page for additional images.)

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Update on 22TCM

While I hope to try a 5″ pistol, a bolt action rifle and a semi-auto carbine in that caliber, I do not have them on hand yet. What I have is a 4″ 1911. I brought it to the range … Continue reading

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Browning Black Label 1911-380: new on AllOutdoor

The combat-ready Bantam

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Lawyer grips

No idea why the pistol was decocked for the photos. I wasn’t paying attention at the time. Close-up of the grips to show detail.  

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Social loads for 10mm Automatic: new on AllOutdoor

Social loads for 10mm Automatic

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New on AllOutdoor: Rimfire Conversion Kits

The appeal of rimfire conversion kits

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Colt Commander

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Iver Johnson 1911

Friend’s new carry weapon.

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And speaking of BBQ guns: Nighthawk Heinie

Nighthawk Heinie .45 — curiously, it doesn’t seem to be a cataloged model. Grips are this gun’s one departure from decorative: they are designed for use with shooting gloves. For carry or showing off, smoother grips would make sense. Crimson … Continue reading

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Fitting the rifle to the user

With firearms, same as with shoes, it really helps if the fit is personalized. This little carbine made by Doublestar uses an Ace stock with short length of pull and a very light barrel to make it easier for a … Continue reading

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