A wedding present…

…from one friend to another.

Gray Wolf Hoodie, formerly Red Riding Hood, test fires her present.

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5 Responses to A wedding present…

  1. Anon Y. Moose says:

    Nice! I love the grips with the symbol for Thor’s hammer. Are they ivory?

  2. Sean says:

    I had those same Esmerelda grips on Kimber Ultra Elite that got stolen a few years back.

  3. Frank Stratton says:

    One of My favorite grips from Esmerelda, Ivory wood. The other I have are Celtic cross on one of my highpowers.
    Only thing I would put on one of my blued builds. Am partial to Wicked grips on the stainless guns.

  4. Sean says:

    The Thor grips are no longer made from what I understand. No longer on her web site. I emailed her to ask if she still made them, but haven’t got a reply yet today.

  5. Paul Koning says:

    “Formerly Red Riding Hood”, as in your photo of a well armed RRH? That’s one of my favorites.

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