New on AllOutdoor: Rimfire Conversion Kits

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5 Responses to New on AllOutdoor: Rimfire Conversion Kits

  1. David E says:

    Love my Kadet Kit 2 .22lr adapter for my CZ pistols. Have it on my CZ P-01, and it works great.

  2. Frank Stratton says:

    I’ve been a fan of conversion kits for decades. It gives you the most versatility in a firearm for the least investment. RF kits for guns gives you non reloaders cheap trigger time and with the ammo drought the option to shoot what you can find. Also it helps with training new shooters with a less recoiling platform on the same frame as the caliber they want to shoot.

  3. Rivrdog says:

    Here’s hoping the current price gouging for .22LR is temporary, but at $115 per brick (for Ely Target), you might as well stay with 9mm, at least you get a reloadable hull worth some pennies with each round. Paying $200+ for a conversion kit, then paying 80% of the cost of 9mm ammo afterwards, is not something to do for cash savings.

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