Lawyer grips

No idea why the pistol was decocked for the photos. I wasn’t paying attention at the time.


Close-up of the grips to show detail.


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4 Responses to Lawyer grips

  1. Joshua Streiff says:

    Hammer’s down, guessing old Israeli carry model there? If so then hammer and safety down makes sense (prep for the slide action). If not, then carry would have to be both safety on and hammer back.

    Nice pic!

  2. Tom Knight says:

    That platform doesn’t allow for the safety to be raised while the gun is not cocked. Considering the safety positively locks the hammer and sear and the grip safety locks the trigger, cocked and locked is the only reasonable way to carry it.

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  4. Robert Johnson says:


    Who is the vendor for the “Lady Justice” grips ?

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