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Fiction is not keeping up with reality

When John Ross wrote his seminal Unintended Consequences, people accused him of being overly dramatic. After all, ATF agents wouldn’t frame people or commit murder, right? When Matt Bracken wrote Enemies Foreign and Domestic series, most readers thought the idea … Continue reading

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The origin of “One hundred heads” meme

The Grave of the Hundred Head by Kipling was recently referenced in a post about possible forceful responses to government abuses. However, we may want to keep in mind that Kipling wrote about revenge exacted against a local population by … Continue reading

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Defend the castle!

Recently, police have been involved in what looks like murder in the course of home invasion and murder with intimidation of witnesses and press. At this rate, I expect the distinction between the ordinary Ordnungspolizei and Einsatzgruppen to become insignificant. … Continue reading

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