Fiction is not keeping up with reality

When John Ross wrote his seminal Unintended Consequences, people accused him of being overly dramatic. After all, ATF agents wouldn’t frame people or commit murder, right? When Matt Bracken wrote Enemies Foreign and Domestic series, most readers thought the idea of ATF committing and facilitating mass murder far-fetched, and certainly didn’t expect militarized TSA roadblocks all over America.

The trouble with fiction is that it has to remain plausible. Stupidity and abuse of power have no such restrictions. We have plenty of examples from other countries to suggest that this misconduct will escalate until they either run out of victims (Rwanda and Burundi in 1993-94), get killed by people acting in self-defense (the fate of quite a few redcoats around 1780s) or rescued by foreign invasion (as was the case with Pol Pot’s Cambodia, 1979). I wonder how this will play out with ATF and TSA. It’s already disturbing that the only reason their depredations came to light was the killing of another Fed. The press paid no attention while only regular people were being murdered or wrongfully imprisoned.

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  1. Prince says:

    How many terroristic attacks with explosives was made inside USA since 9/11?
    From Russia it looks like zero.
    How many explosives or radioactives they really have found in trucks?

    • Well…

      We DID have the “panty-bomber” last Christmas – who succeeded only in setting his genitals ablaze before being subdued by his fellow passengers.

      Then there was the “Times Square Bomber” whose bomb was apparently a big joke and who was foiled by a hot-dog vendor.

      Then there are the miscellaneous “sting” operations where there never was a real bomb, and likely would never have been a “bomber” if not for entrapment by some .gov agents.

      In short, they never catch or stop any real terrorists, and what real terrorists are stopped are stopped by alert citizens.

      The same “alert citizens” that must submit to sexual assault to board an airplane and who must forfeit all our rights to privacy to the failed effort to stop non-existent terrorists.

      Good thing there’s 600 cable channels, else we’d likely have revolted before now…

  2. Dantheserene says:

    It’s not like most of the mainstream media is paying attention to Fast and Furious now. A disturbing amount of coverage of the hearings claims the whole thing is 1) a partisan witch hunt or 2) something the Bush administration started. Both are straight up lies.
    If a republican administration had pulled something like this, it would have been covered like Watergate. Holden and a bunch of ATF would be gone and Obama would be fighting for his political life. No one would even speak of a second term.

  3. Jeff says:

    I can imagine a quite plausible explanation for why the mainstream media is just not taking things seriously. They actually *believed* that Obama and his hope/change regime would make a difference and be “better” than what we have had before. Oops. Turns out that Obama is pretty much the same as any other political hack. And the folks that he chose to be his “generals” are just as much of the suck. The “progressive” folks of America wanted so bad for the liberal/black “new day in America” to work that they turned (and continue to turn) a blind eye to the fact that it’s a miserable failure.

    Republicans AND Democrats have run this country with an eye toward political gain and personal aggrandizement. The concept of representative government has been long dead and we are left with a government that truly believes that only it knows best. And because the media and the progressives wanted it to work so bad… they cannot even face the concept that they were even worse at it than past efforts. Holder lied. And he should fall on his sword. But he will not. In light of that, since he is the ultimate in responsibility, Obama should chop Holder off at the knees. Hell, conservatives might even show Obama a bit of respect for that! But it will not happen because those that set this table cannot even begin to fathom the concept of admitting that they were wrong.

    It’s time for real change. Many may think that Ron Paul is a “whack job” or a “loon.” So what? The repubs and dems have proven that they are incapable of effective policies and leadership. Nothing else is working! Let’s give Ron a shot. Honestly, could it be any worse than it is now?

    • Curlywolf says:

      Ron Paul- Domestically..he might be good for us. MIGHT. Because it depends on a congress that’s willing to do the right thing. The bulk have already proven that they’re not, and they’re not that many seats up for grabs this time around as there was in 2010. If all Paul does is issue EO’s then he’s no better than Obama or any other petty little tyrant you could name, and just because some of us might approve of the EO’s he’d be signing doesn’t make that any less so. Foreign Policy wise I believe he would be an outright disaster.

      • Cowboy Dan says:

        “not that many seats up for grabs this time around as there was in 2010” How is that? All the house members will be in play, as will about 33 senators, give or take a few. Some may retire, some may be forced out, but the number standing for election should be about the same as the last time.

        Maybe you know something the rest of us don’t…

        Who knows but maybe a few will decide to cash out while cashing out is still possible.

      • kevin3% says:

        What if he enacted Executive Orders that rescinded all the previous? Might be a good start.

        • I believe he’s alluded to doing exactly that – as his first act as POTUS!

          Unlike our current _resident who promised to be “open and transparent” and then made HIS first act to lock down all his history (and all his papers etc created while he’s in office) in perpetuity.

  4. Curlywolf says:

    Ever read William Johnstone? Yeah…he was on the money with some of his stuff too.

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  6. Yank lll says:

    The thing that really gnaws on my bones is that these “uncivil servants” performing these corruptions of duty, with the intent to force submission at all costs, are our sons and daughters, nephews, nieces and cousins who have been corrupted themselves by our inattention at the familial level when they were young, educating them morally by the “proxy parent” called TV and by foisting upon them the values and moral attitudes of marxist and socialist teachers.
    These TSA mutts are a newer breed of “only ones” who have even less regard for their oath or the constitutionality of their actions than those before them.. when things finally let go its gonna be one helluva ride.

    Yank lll

  7. Longbow says:

    I thought Bracken’s scenario was PERFECTLY plausible. It was so realistic it was scary. It was Bracken who suggested the “F” and “F” in Fast and Furious really meant False Flag. I won’t dismiss that possibility.

    The Fed-Goons who finally spilled the beans on F&F, did so as Oleg just said, only after an “only one” was killed. While mere mortals like you and me were being killed, they kept their mouths shut and continued smuggling guns to foreign gangsters (and publicly blaming you, me, and local gun shows).

    I have suggested loudly, several times, that if these Fed-Goons want to BE good guys, and not just wear the costume, they should resign their jobs and tell the world what they know (and suspect). By resigning their jobs they could prove themselves to be Oath Keepers. By refusing to enforce unconstitutional statutes like the National Firearms Act, they could demonstrate their moral courage, their Constitutional principles, and true faith with the American people.

    So far, the silence has been deafening.

  8. Weston Moss says:

    The TSA costs upwards of $8 Billion a year and, since its inception, has failed to identify and detain even a single solitary viable terrorist, while simultaneously violating the 4th Amendment every minute of the day. Time to shut this failure down!

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