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And this is how we know that TSA is pure security theater

TSA pretends that their screening catches weapons and bombs. We know from controlled experiments that they don’t catch bombs reliably. We also know from testimonials of friends that they let things like knives and live ammunition through their scanners because … Continue reading

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Social service homicide

The killing at LAX was done rather inefficiently, but the sole surprise is that this hasn’t happened much sooner. Given that our side — non-government people — tends to avoid violence, this was probably squabbling among thieves escalating to a … Continue reading

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American response to TSA makes me proud.

No, not really.

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Then and now.

The past was never perfect, but certain excesses of today would have been beyond comprehension to our ancestors. And, hopefully, beyond the “Nuremberg defense” for the current perpetrators.

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Hitchhiking isn’t safe? Compared to flying it is!

From yesterday’s conversation with a friend: me: how are you traveling – hitchhiking, bus or plane? she: Plane. I wish I had the funds to make a roadtrip out of the move. But I don’t. I haven’t hitched long distances … Continue reading

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Fiction is not keeping up with reality

When John Ross wrote his seminal Unintended Consequences, people accused him of being overly dramatic. After all, ATF agents wouldn’t frame people or commit murder, right? When Matt Bracken wrote Enemies Foreign and Domestic series, most readers thought the idea … Continue reading

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TSA and the eventual regional breakup

I wonder if the depredations of TSA reduce cross-regional cooperation in favor of more local, driving-distance business ties…and if that shift would eventually contribute to entire regions becoming de facto independent.

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The enemy is here. Roadblocks in Tennessee.

Looks like our domestic Gestapo-wannabes have arrived. Not sure how they can be dislodged short of a war. This is most disappointing, for America and for Tennessee in particular. I suspect the total push-back of the whole state population of … Continue reading

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The Lawdog got it (9-11)

Reflections on the ten-year mark.

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Apathy towards the TSA

Joe’s article explains why most people aren’t even bothering to curse at the TSA creatures.

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Back in the USSR…it sure feels that way lately

Our grandparents once defeated the real Nazis. These days, they are submitting to groping by the wannabes. American parents would never hand their kids over to child molesters…unless those molesters wear blue uniforms. Those who value the Constitutional right to … Continue reading

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Won’t need Nazi uniforms for photo shoots anymore.

With TSA becoming a swear-word in itself, I no longer have to make allusions to the recognized evil of last century. The new, shiny, jackbooted evil of today has arrived all over the united states. Their bold strides into everybody’s … Continue reading

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Time travel? Nazi personnel shows up in the US.

TSA troops now accosting people at locations other than airports, giving the lie to the advice to “avoid flying if you don’t want to be molested”. What is the difference between this and  this? American airports already resemble this scene: … Continue reading

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TSA Peep show

The background posters look familiar.

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The way everyone views the TSA…

They rank below Sergeant Schultz and closer to rat feces with most people.

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