Then and now.

The past was never perfect, but certain excesses of today would have been beyond comprehension to our ancestors. And, hopefully, beyond the “Nuremberg defense” for the current perpetrators.

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11 Responses to Then and now.

  1. Now, that is good and Dixie said “He’s fantastic!” Really, an excellent job.

  2. Walter Zoomie says:

    Pale rider and stuff…

  3. mmasse says:

    Brock you look very distinguished in this photo.

  4. Pamela Warren says:

    Nice suit, Brock! 🙂

  5. tad stratton says:

    See I told you he should be a judge.

  6. Jenny says:

    I think I may have a new favorite model. 🙂

  7. I like it. It would make a great poster.

    Miss Violet

  8. Brock you look very distinguished in this photo.

    Oh, my……:)
    Nice suit, Brock! 🙂

    🙂 Pam made this for the 2004 Hunley Funeral as well as the dress Dixie wore. She just finished the beautiful dress that Miss Dixie came out in at the SCV Convention in Murfreesboro and why I got the chance to visit Oleg finally. I haven’t downloaded a picture of this dress yet. Pam does excellent, inexpensive work, though is now very ill, so say a few words for her please.
    Judge, preacher, model:)

  9. Eugene says:

    I had this conversation with TSA agent @SFO couple of days ago:

    Agent: Good morning, how are you?
    Me: Good, thank you.
    Agent (inspecting my ID): We can fix that.

    The mental picture I had a moment later was very similar to the one you posted 🙂

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