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Why does anyone even take these fiends seriously?

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One devious reason for the illogical nature of anti-gun laws

Most violations of the myriad of Byzantine laws and regulations are prosecuted as felonies. Having an 11-round magazine in a state that forbids anything over 10 opens a person for prosecution. If that prosecution succeeds — a lifetime disenfranchisement AND … Continue reading

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Then and now.

The past was never perfect, but certain excesses of today would have been beyond comprehension to our ancestors. And, hopefully, beyond the “Nuremberg defense” for the current perpetrators.

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Movie review: Angry Harvest

Very well done film about a man who is…various shades of good, evil and mundane.The film works out much better than the sum of its parts would suggest, and the ending is very, very well handled. I recommend it. Acting:8 … Continue reading

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