Apathy towards the TSA

Joe’s article explains why most people aren’t even bothering to curse at the TSA creatures.

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8 Responses to Apathy towards the TSA

  1. Seth says:

    How about large posters showing a TSA agent with a caption to the effect of “This man (woman) fondles other men’s (women’s) private parts for pay.” Political speech is strongly protected by the courts.

  2. seeker_two says:

    Not sure I go for physically or verbally abusing TSA employees…..but, if one were to put PedoBear stickers on their vehicles and/or homes on a regular basis…..

  3. Great find and posted.

  4. Glenn says:

    My observation is that most Americans today are rather willing to compromise their principles to a limited but significant extent if it will avoid them being inconvenienced. It is simply less inconvenient to comply than to object. In situations where the facts are the same but there is a mass of people who have begun objecting, it becomes less inconvenient to join the protest. In fact, it may even become inconvenient to abstain from joining in the protest.

  5. Bob McPeak says:

    What kind of message are we giving to our children when we teach them that it is wrong for strangers to touch them in their private areas, and yet the government, using the power of coercive force, makes them endure a forced fondle, with no recourse against the strangers that violated them? And how do you explain to a 6 year old why he is a threat to national security?

  6. Boquisucio says:

    In a related note, It is interesting to see your TSA Security Placard show-up in the strangest of places. look at (0:58): http://youtu.be/gjduZhr1x9M

  7. anonymous says:


    More like a not-so-subtle fantasy about murdering TSA agents.

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