Not sure who made this knife

Looks pretty neat though.

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  1. Nikolay says:


  2. incisor says:

    Looks similar to Yellowhorse style but I’m sure many bladesmiths walk this way.

  3. Sha-ul says:

    I wonder how they achieved the chipped stone effect on the blade, very unusual.

  4. Sigivald says:

    Sha-ul: Hammering. (Exactly like a hammered finish on sheet metal.)

    I’ve never seen it done on that scale before, but I’ve done it on jewelry-scale projects.

    • Sha-ul says:

      It doesn’t look planished at all, it almost looks like it was textured with a dremel & a stone, most unusual.
      It could be a larger radius cross peen with a rough grind on it, but I haven’t tried to do that. It does almost look to be stainless as well

  5. falnfenix says:

    that’s beautiful. i’d love to know who made it.

  6. Mr Evilwrench says:

    Mesmerizing. The rough/primitive brings special focus to the smooth finished parts. The way there’s suddenly that smooth, slick edge coming out of the chipped-obsidian aspect of the blade is inspiring, but not really less than the way that smooth tang and handle come out of the stag horn. If you can find out where this comes from, I’d very much like to have one.

  7. Kevin says:

    The knife was made by Bill Cheatham out of Phoenix, AZ. His website is: It looks like he mostly sells other makers’ knives now. I’ve not owned the knife for very long, and the previous owner had it for approximately a year. I sent an email to them trying to get some more information about the knife. I’ll post their reply/info when I hear back.

    Mr. Evilwrench: I would give some consideration to selling this one, if you’re interested in purchasing it. Let me get some more details/info on the knife and you can give it some thought.

  8. Kevin says:

    After doing some research on the knife, I found that it was made in approximately 2002/2003. The blade is flint steel, nickle guard, turqoise spacer. There is also a small spot of turqoise at the end of the handle. The price for the knife at that time was $475. I can tell you that his skill and craftsmanship is superb. The current value of the knife would be $750.

    If anyone is interested in purchasing the knife, I would sell it for $500/shipped.

    The website I posted in my previous response is a front company which sells custom knives by a number of makers, including Cheatham.

    Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. I can be reached by email at Kevin (AT) kdholsters (DOT) com.

  9. kira says:

    thats pretty!! i kinda want one!!

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