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Domestication as an evolutionary success?

Domesticated animals have been around for tends of millions of years. Many ant species look after aphids in exchange for sugary secretions from their six-legged flocks. Human domestication of selected species certainly assured their survival to a far greater degree … Continue reading

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Slavery reparations?

Has anyone considered the reparations owed to those who served involuntarily as draftees before that shameful practice was discontinued? Unlike the reparations to the long-dead slaves who were in bondage pre-1860s, these actually have a chance of reaching the living.

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Music and lyrics

I find myself drawn to musical ballads, in whichever language they may be. I like stories in music. Some do a good job of messing with the audience’s emotions: Баллада о матери.  Others are just engaging stories: The Ballad of … Continue reading

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Number of states vs. the degree of control.

The number of countries in Europe in 1875 – 18 (if my count is correct). In 1914 – 23. In 2012 – 44. I wonder if the degree of state control over individuals has grown or declined. In the US, … Continue reading

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New camera coming.

I finally ordered a Panasonic G2 with 20mm and 45mm lenses. Rather than it being a substitute for 5Dmk2, it’s going to take the LX3 out of the equation. I’d lose the extreme macro capability but gain low-light performance, magnified … Continue reading

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TSA and the eventual regional breakup

I wonder if the depredations of TSA reduce cross-regional cooperation in favor of more local, driving-distance business ties…and if that shift would eventually contribute to entire regions becoming de facto independent.

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Definition of being rich.

Sometimes, I am rich. Not always, but I was rich yesterday. I had more of what I wanted than I actually needed — my sole constraint being the 24/7 limit of available time shared by all. I had more storage … Continue reading

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