Number of states vs. the degree of control.

The number of countries in Europe in 1875 – 18 (if my count is correct).
In 1914 – 23.
In 2012 – 44.
I wonder if the degree of state control over individuals has grown or declined. In the US, it seems to have grown in some ways (gun control) but declined in others (censorship of the press)

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5 Responses to Number of states vs. the degree of control.

  1. RegT says:

    I think censorship of the press has increased, but for the most part it is self-imposed, rather than forced by .gov. The mainstream media certainly self-censor to .gov’s benefit. When was the last (or first, for that matter) time you saw a story about blacks attacking whites, like the teenage boy set on fire by several older black boys – one of whom shouted something to the effect of “That’s for Trayvon”?

  2. cover72 says:

    I don’t think you could find a correlation there. Take gun ownership for an example: Austro-hungarian law was pretty liberal; Weimar gun laws were extremely strict, up to punishment by death; Czechoslovakia first took over Austro-Hungar laws, then strictended them as it was occupied by the Nazis, then returned to liberal, then strictened again when commise gained power in 1948 and then – as one of few European countries – returned to quite liberal laws after the “velvet revolution” and keeps it so. See – no correlation with number of states.
    On the other hand, in Hungary, laws which were once pretty liberal and even through communism regained less strict then elsewhere went totally nuts and remain that way up until now – you can’t get there pretty much nothing but blank firers.

    Same with freedom of speech and press: although the Eurosajuz enforces it’s “andi-discrimination” agenda including censorship, you can find both outrageous examples of state censorship like on Slovakia (where prime minister Fico made such a law that a newspaper is obliged to publish politican’s comment on any article published and couldn’t react to such a comment) and Hungary (where a 5-member commitee could fine any newspaper for anything it wants – even for not liking an objective article – by up to $100,000) and islands of liberty like Iceland and Norway.

    But from a certain point of view, you could find something common. Decentralization – which is the basic principle for increasing number of states – allow liberties to survive and thrive in smaller areas where people aren’t so close-minded and sheeply and therefore don’t elect restrictive politicians. If there was one huge Euro-federation (which the euro-commision is dedicated to create), all guns were probably to be banned and freedom of speech would be next to nonexistent, for the scared, media- and activist-manipulated majority would then prevail. Just look at germans (shutting down their nuclear powerplats in fear of a 13meter tidal wave 300km away from seashore) and french.

    By the way, Oleg, while visiting Prague, don’t forget to try some of our shooting ranges. On Avim, you could borrow Jaro Kuracina’s design, the Grand Power K100, with a unique rotating barrel system and a trigger I felt in love the moment I tried it.

    • Y. says:

      Austro-Hungarian laws were pretty lax. Unauthorized possession of a handgun was punished by confiscation and three days of jail.

  3. MaxTowers says:

    Hey there, i have to say that i have mixed feelings about our situation in Italy; we are free enough to own some guns but not that free to own certain other.
    For example, we can own (after you get a permit for sport pourpouses or hunting) unlimited rifles for hunting, but you can own just three “self defense” handguns and six “sport” guns. how lame is that?
    Last december was abolished the “National Catalogue” an italian “prerogative”…
    It was basically a register where each gun model was classified and put in a category such as sport gun, defense, hunting or war armament. Now thanks (maybe) to Europe we don’t have it anymore, so there’re no more sport,self-defense or hunting guns, and here comes the tipical italian stall…. we don’t know what will happen with new guns that has never been in the catalogue: so by now we stay with the old rules,and probably we will not see new models of guns for the next few months, maybe years, until a new regulation will be developed to provide guidelines to comply with the remained laws.
    On the bright side we can still own guns unlike those poor brits… i feel so sorry for them…

  4. malcolm says:

    Balkanization to subjugate then Federalize to control…

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