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Прекрасный перевод

Перевод А. Глебовской Легат, я получил приказ идти с когортой в Рим, По морю к Порту Итию, а там – путем сухим; Отряд мой отправленья ждет, взойдя на корабли, Но пусть мой меч другой возьмет. Остаться мне вели! Я прослужил … Continue reading

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The Old Issue

I am often reminded of Kipling lately. One I just heard capably performed by Leslie Fish: The Old Issue (the lyrics). You can get this and other Kipling poems set to music from her web site. The specific words that … Continue reading

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The origin of “One hundred heads” meme

The Grave of the Hundred Head by Kipling was recently referenced in a post about possible forceful responses to government abuses. However, we may want to keep in mind that Kipling wrote about revenge exacted against a local population by … Continue reading

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