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The difference light color makes

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Snapshots from North Italy

I am no early riser, so haze caused by the evaporation from Lake Como was a constant problem. Hundred fifty year old house, brand new antenna. Italian man listening to his uphill neighbor.

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Statues old and new

And a littler newer, a lot more crude. Not without charm though.

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Gas station coffee

At the exchange rate of the time, the price for basic unleaded was just over $9/gallon. Parking space being scarce in the hilly medieval cities probably added to the emphasis on smaller vehicles. Good quality, made to order coffee was … Continue reading

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When in Rome…

The tourist areas of Rome had quite a few security theater actors who dressed to impress. Unlike large city cops in the US, they project a friendlier attitude. They were backed up by rifle holders with Beretta 70/90 automatic rifles. … Continue reading

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Seeking advice on traveling around Italy

My parents and I are going to Italy in late May. In Rome we still have a choice of living either close to metro Piazza Bologna on via Michele di Lando or in a slightly more comfortable flat on Via di Santa Petronilla … Continue reading

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