Force multiplier

A 52 year old woman, no matter now well trained, would be hard pressed to keep up with young men who make up the majority of violent criminals. Add a Glock to her hip and a .308 rifle to her hands, and the balance shifts in favor of the well trained — in this instance, the lady in the photo. Gun is Civilization.

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4 Responses to Force multiplier

  1. Precision270 says:

    Excellent Christmas present for us. Thanks Oleg. That 52 year old is beaming.

  2. LarryArnold says:

    So “do the math” is the new “make my day?”

    Whether 9+.308 is .665 cal or 16.62 mm, the force is with her.

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  4. Dawn Faust says:

    I love this photo. Thanks for posting it on Christmas and “making my day”. There is no doubt that firearms in the hands of the capable woman, are the great equalizer. I am trained and when necessary, I would not hesitate to exert deadly force to protect my loved ones!!

    Happy New Year!!

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