24″ RFB in use

4-16x Vortex scope, Gemtech Sandstorm suppressor, Magpul VFG, RSA and sling.

Same but with Keltec muzzle brake instead of the suppressor, and with Viridian X5L RS on the rail. I can’t wait to get it zeroed. Federal and Hornady both provided high-grade ammunition…but the weather in Nashville is expected to get to 116*F and that’s a bit much for daylight range time.

The gentleman behind the gun is a real sniper.

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15 Responses to 24″ RFB in use

  1. tad stratton says:

    How much does the erector set on the barrel affect shot stringing ?

    Like the knife on the chest rig .


    • Rob says:

      The barrel is free floating, so the “erector set” or quad rail wouldn’t affect shot stringing.

  2. camtec says:

    The last picture is impressive due to the background.Nice fade job or very dense fog.
    I assume that is a .308 caliber; if so, it would make an outstanding deer rifle. Am I correct in assuming that it is .308 (7.62 NATO) with a 24 in. barrel? With that combination that would be a hell of a gun.

  3. Dogzard says:

    How well does it handle for left-handers?

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  5. camtec says:

    300fps. gain with 24 in. barrel with .308 sounds about right. 116 degrees in Nashville? It hasn’t been that hot in my lifetime and that’s been awhile.

  6. ChrisJ says:

    I’ve had a lot of trouble shooting my RFB accurately. I’ve been wanting to add a bipod to assist, but without a regular sling stud I’ve found my options limited. Any input on setups that work well for attaching a bipod or shooting this unique gun accurately would be greatly appreciated.

  7. AdoAnnie says:

    I like the look of the MOLLE chest rig. Any information on it. It is blazing hot and sweatingly uncomfortable here in south Texas and I am looking for a modern rig to accommodate my AR15 and .45 cal 1911 ammo and gear that lets my skin breathe and sweat wick. I love my old Vietnam era rigging, but it isn’t always easy to find replacement bits for it. Thanks.

  8. xl_target says:

    God! I want to shoot that thing!

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