RFB: works well as configured

Finally had a chance to fire the RFB with the new AAC 762SDN-6 (and shorter piston provided by Keltec) and 1-4x Nightforce scope. What an improvement over the previous set-up! For one, the cycling of the gun is now softer, the suppressor more effective and accuracy improved. In the past, the RFB by itself was good for 0.9MOA with match ammo and high magnification optic but shot like a shotgun with the flash hider/sound suppressor combination. Now it shoots about 1.5MOA with Australian surplus ball, and I was consistently able to tag a small steel clanger at 300 yards. Very pleased. No malfunctions, but that’s to be expected.

In the photo, one of the new shooters who got very good with pistol after only a couple of hours. Good aptitude and great attitude towards learning!

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3 Responses to RFB: works well as configured

  1. John says:

    Nice shoes 🙂

  2. Clarke says:

    Shorter piston? Needed for suppressors or ?

    • Oleg Volk says:

      Not *necessary* but helpful. It delays the unlocking just enough to make the whole cycle less abrupt and reduces the amount of blowback into the action. The gas regulator is adjustable, so the amount of gas can be changed, but the shorter piston with SU and RFB also improves timing.

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