Custom Dragon Leather holster

I posted photos of a custom PMR30 holster earlier this year. Now Dennis came out of a Glock variant of it. This design works especially well for women, keeping the pistol grip out of the way of elbows and ribs.

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5 Responses to Custom Dragon Leather holster

  1. MAJ Mike says:

    I have three Dragon holsters with a fourth in the works. They fit me and my pistols better than any I’ve ever owned.

  2. AK™ says:

    I’ve been thinking about a leather holster when I get my 1911 this year. I had thought about picking up a compact Austrian pistol that resembles a block..but since the lawsuit against Maxwell Corp (because they import a Turkish designed blank gun that looks like a block) I decided I would rather put my money elsewhere.

    I’ve had good luck with the Uncle Mike’s holsters (from the basic inside pants with a belt hook,to the slightly more expensive fabric with the thumb snap)
    I’ll take a look at Dragon Leather when I get my 1911 later on.

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