What other .308 bullpup is left-hander friendly?

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4 Responses to What other .308 bullpup is left-hander friendly?

  1. Liam Burns says:

    I hope someone in marketing is shopping this to the armorers in the movie industry, this almost looks like a science fiction movie rifle as-is. OTOH, I suppose the Myth Busters-type of SFX people in Hollywood are probably quite aware of the RFB and, like myself, are chompin’ at the bit to get one.

  2. David says:

    I was quite impressed with these when they came out, was saving to get one…and have never seen one for sale. I gave up on them, moved on.

  3. pegmonkey says:

    I’m of the opinion that it sure “may” be a fine rifle. But, since we mere mortals can’t obtain them.. what use is it to dream? Apparently, we mere mortals are left with FAL, AK, m14, and AR-10 variants. Or the likes of the hunting oriented Remington autoloading 750.. not that I’m doing that much complaining as they are all great platforms. But.. Keltec needs to step up and produce if they want to gain a market share among the surplus and new manufacturers.

    I sure hope keltec delivers on this.. and the KSG.. I’ll give them them high marks for delivering what the public wants. But.. so far, it’s been vaporware.

    I’m willing to invest.. but if I have nothing to invest in, what’s the point?

    • Lanius says:

      Invest in Kel-Tec. I’m sure they’d accept capital under some conditions, such as absolutely no rights of shareholders, except to get money back and collect dividends or something.

      Or maybe people could pool money and lend it to Kel-Tec? I doubt banks lend them anything…

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