My favorite 308 rifle.

After 8 months, my new 7.62 suppressor tax stamp finally got approved by ATF. My RFB has been restored to the correct configuration. YHM BUIS, 1-4x illuminated scope and (not shown here) Viridian laser on the quad rail. With 4x maximum magnification, it can do about 1.5MOA, giving useful range up to 500 yards. Very well balanced even with the suppressor, completely ambidextrous. Magazine may be inserted straight up. Very low felt recoil, great trigger. Ejects forward with casings coming out too slowly to cause injury. Fairly quiet thanks to the double-layered receiver and forward ejection.

Down sides I have already mentioned: slow administrative chamber checks, heat retention due to forward ejection. To my mind, the strengths much outweigh the weaknesses.

Bullpups typically do not have usable iron sights, but this one does. Sight radius on it is similar to the M4 carbine.

If you want one, my local gun store has it.

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2 Responses to My favorite 308 rifle.

  1. Bryan S. says:

    So far, the RFB has been the .308 that I enjoyed shooting.

    Too bad in PA we cannot use one to hunt with even if we were to use a limited magazine.

  2. MAJ Mike says:

    My favorite is my HK91. Its a bit heavy, but its rugged and accurate. It tends to balance my shortcomings as a shooter. I’ll never sell it.

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